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08\/07- – Virtually every day, as much as 3 dozen times a week, Renee Caton receives letters saying she won prizes which range from a few million dollars to millions. Virtually all lottovip them contain checks – or seven figure totals on them. The checks and the letters all end up in the wastebasket. They simply do not quit.”. When she didn’t respond urging her to not miss out on the millions she’s 20, some have called. One outfit calling itself American told her she won $1.5 million in that the Australian Powerball drawing. They paid the $60, 000 in earnings on her winnings, and all she’d to do was send them $575.60 in calculating fees, the caller told her. 

Caton lottovip was educated to make a Western Union money order when he delivered the winnings and give the money. Whether the delivery man had arrived, they called to ask. The caller stated the delivery man would call and Caton should send the money. She didn’t, and was the last she heard from the delivery person that is alleged. Another outfit called to say there was a Brinks truck bring her prize. All Caton had to do had been pay $2, 500 for a duty tax along with a $60 handling fee. The caller left that the number of that the American embassy in Ottawa and known every day for several days until Caton contacted that the embassy. 

Then the calls stopped. I told the sweepstakes individual to deliver the money, and I’d give them the money to cover. They known to mention the truck was held up and also to just send the check. At least, not a financial one. Jonas Caton took Agreements with fellow firefighters that, if anyone turned up, they’d block the scammer’s vehicle until police might be summoned. We known the police and the prosecutor, but none of them said they handle that kind of thing, Renee Caton said. I known the Better Business Bureau and gave these the information.”. Among the most recent Notices she received contained a check from Publishers Clearing for $4, 500 that she was educated to cash and after that return $2, 500 to cover the earnings on her prize. 

She known that the bank and discovered that the company’s account had no cash to cover the first amount. When she called them to inquire about it, they hung up, she stated. – Sucker List Victim Offered Fake Lottery Tickets Daily – 08\/07 – – Every day envelopes pour into Mary Peters mail box from all around the world plus they all come using guarantees of big lottery winnings. Peters, 88, receives about 6-10 guarantees that she’s won a foreign lottery each time her mail is delivered.